Research & Development For Hope For Homeless

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Vincente Montez
Marketing and Advertising
9 November 2015
Research & Development for Hope for Homeless
Introduction & Background: “Life, liberty, and property.” The words of John Locke that influenced neglected colonist to revolt against their derelict rulers in a Pursuit of Happiness. Yet, the very nation once inspired by his writing has not committed to these ideas. With such a shockingly large homeless population one should assume these ideas have been abandoned by the society. Commonly homelessness in America is traced back briefly, interpreted as a mostly modern issue. However, difficulties with homelessness can be credited much further to the 1640s. At this time an inability to support oneself was seen as a moral issue, and as due justice for religious shortcomings. These cultural stigmas made a lasting impression in society causing such conditions to be difficult to escape. The existing population of homeless became added to by various factors. One of these being the new and abundant, unregulated pain killer morphine. Shortly after the civil war, a trend emerged among amputees and the addiction was only worsened by mental illnesses such as PTSD. Other factors have worsened America 's homeless problem such as disasters. (Fischer). One large contributor to the issues surrounding homelessness is the chronic homeless. Though this minority only accounts for 15%, of the population, declining 21% since 2010, it’s responsible for more consumption of aid than
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