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The Supernatural, a manifestation attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature (Literary Jewels), examples of that would be ghosts, angels, and gigantic human sized bugs. The story containing supernatural elements may have a religious purpose, such the role of angels and demons in Islam, Judaism and Christianity; or the supernatural elements may portray notions about reality such as issues in social justice, discrimination, or alienation and the sense of belonging. Of course, there are many ways to incorporate supernatural elements in novels and movies, but we will focus on two works that describe the issues and factors of alienation and belonging. Franz Kafka and Bernard Malamud are two talented authors…show more content…
In Manischewitz's case, he carried the same work ethic of as Gregor. They share similar qualities in perseverance and commitment. Manischewiz was a religious man, he was a practicing Jew and according to Jewdism, (talk about the role of angels here, with reference), even though he may have lost almost everything he had, his source of hope was from his connection with the devin. When Manichewiz went on his knees, he first started to complain to God about all the misfortunes that had happened in his life, but after he realizes complaining will not do him any good, he starts to pray to God for some guidance and some help. When Angel Levine first appeared, he was rejected by Manichewitz because Manichewitz did not believe or expect an angel to look so normal, he also did not expect and angel to be a black.”So If God sends me an angel, why a black? Why not a white that there are so many of them?” (The Angel Levine P. 4) This particular situation relates to Kafka's story of when the Samsa family replaced the old housekeeper. When Gregor's sister was slowly drifting away from him, he was feeling guilty for not being able to help the family and outraged that his family was beginning to neglect him. The cleaning lady regularly talks to Gregor and openly stares at him; Greogor however, decides to reject that connection and openly attacks the house keeper. Both

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