Research Essay: The Right To Bear Arms

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The right to bear arms, an amendment passed by our founding fathers is currently under conflict. Some debate that the 2nd is outdated, and should be repealed. Where others firmly believe it to be a staple of the constitution due to time. As the last repeal occurred in 1933. Firearms should be controlled, with stricter background checks. “According to a Pew Research survey in Mar. 2013, 83% of all adults surveyed (and 79% of gun-owners; 86% of people living with a gun-owner; and 74% of NRA households) approve of background checks for private and gun show sales.” (“Gun Control -”)
Death by firearm would decrease if a ban were placed, but other equipments capable killing would merely take it’s place. For example, suicide by handgun will be replaced with drug overdosing. Gun control is often a sensitive topic to discuss due to the involvement of human life, and often can stir debates. Both parties for and against gun control have claims that closely counter each other. Those for control believe that crime would decrease if weapon sales were governed. However, this won’t reduce crime at all, for the criminals would find other means of intimidation.
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“The deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history occurred in June when a man with an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla.” (“Gun Control”) It is true that these firearm attachments, and rifles increase the chances of a mass murder. An outright ban would do little to stop the distribution of these products. Those who intend to harm the masses will stop at nothing to obtain their tools. The black market’s pricing may skyrocket during the ban, but money is no longer a concern to those who don’t intend on returning from their
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