Research Essay on Isolation

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Brianna Gilfoy 8199889 Prof. Ross Clarkson ENG 1100 December 2, 2015 Isolation Warps a Human For most, being alone and isolated is a nice way to get away from overwhelming events happening in life. However, when it comes to extreme cases, isolation is very bad for someone’s well-being, according to Michael Bond who states, “for most people, prolonged social isolation is all bad” (Bond, “How Extreme Isolation Warps the Mind”). Overall, isolation has several negative impacts on the human mind and body. Extreme isolation can affect someone in three distinct ways: physically, mentally, and socially. Isolation can be caused either by yourself or by others. Isolation is being separated from others by one of the three following…show more content…
Due to isolation, Anna developed many issues throughout her body that a girl her age should not be developing. These issues occurred because she received a minimal amount of care for the majority of her life. When Anna did receive the slightest bit of care her, physical problems were not taken care of which allowed them to worsen over time. Another similar case occurred around 1995, where a young boy Tom was kept locked in a room for the first six years of his life because his parents thought the world was a dangerous place. At the age of six, his parents allowed him to go to school but “all the muscle of his plump body seemed flaccid. His hands hung loosely down with the palms facing backwards and he walked with an awkward gait as if his knees were stuck together” (Soutter 40, “Case Report: A Case of Extreme Isolation”). Since Tom was held in confinement since he was born, he has never had much room to walk or run around like other children his age do. This explains why his muscles are very soft, and weak, and when he walks he is barely able to hold himself up. Lastly, there was another study done at the University of Chicago by a social psychologist named John Cacioppo. He found that “isolation is tied to the hardening of arteries, inflammation in the body, and even problems with learning and memory” (Gammon) which are all very serious health problems. Overall, the outcome of extreme isolation has very negative impacts on physical
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