Research Ethics: Ethics, Ethics And Sustainable Development

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Research Ethics
This essay is aimed at my fellow students and tries to explain using some different case studies firstly what research ethics are and what happens when you don’t stick to these same ethics.
Research ethics involves concepts and principles of right conduct within the research being carried out. Oxford dictionary defined ethics as ‘Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity’ (Oxford). This is especially true within research ethics as this research is a public trust that must be ethically conducted, trustworthy, and socially responsible if the results are to be valuable and be believed.
The need to safeguard the practice of research ethics within all fields of sciences and engineering is
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Research should be carried out only by medically/scientifically qualified individuals and in appropriate laboratories.
5. Risks should not exceed benefits that will potentially result from the experiment.
(Research & Economic Development)
During the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002, held on the, the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (2002) stated that “And more and more we are realizing that it is only by mobilizing the corporate sector that we can make significant progress. The corporate sector has the finances, the technology and the management to make this happen” (Annan, 2002, para. 5-6).
This shows that assessing the compatibility of business ethics and sustainable development is important and is encouraged at the highest level.
A basic ethical dilemma that commonly takes place with many engineers has to be the duty to report a to the proper responsible authorities if a client or employer is failing to follow the engineer's directions and/or designs causing possible harm. This duty should annul all or any duty to a client or the employer as it may put people in harms way. As an engineer they may face some penalties, or have their license taken away, if something unethical has occurred (Engineers,
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