Research Evaluation Tables

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ACT500: Research Evaluation Tables

Article 1: Measuring Performance | Henri, Jean-Francois. (2010). The Periodic Review of Performance Indicators: An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamism of Performance Measurement Systems. European Accounting Review, 19(1), 73-96. Retrieved from | Research Topic | Dynamism of Performance Measurement Systems | Problem or Opportunity | Henri (2010) identified there was a lack of information present in management accounting literature related to how change in an organization drive change in performance measurement systems. Henri sought to explore
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(2012). Allocating Resources Strategically – An Evaluation and Discission of the Global Fund’s Pattern of Disbursements. PLoS One 7(5), 1-10. Retrieved from | Research Topic | Allocating Scarce Resources. | Problem or Opportunity | McCoy and Kinyua (2010) identified that pressure has continued to increase on the Global Fund to improve how it distributes funds for health care based on a number of factors. | Purpose for the Research | McCoy and Kinyua (2010) reviewed the funding sources for healthcare in 104 countries receiving Global Fund disbursements to identify changes that would improve the rationing of support. The researchers were also looking at the way funds are distributed to determine how the Global Fund can have additional influence on grant funding instead of just working in a demand-driven model. | Research Methods | The researchers in this study selected a quantitative/confirmatory approach. McCoy and Kinyua completed a cross-sectional study reviewing General Find disbursements over a
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