Research Final Ethics Of Abortion

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Research Final Ethics of Abortion
Jeremy Jiles

CJA 622 Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice
David Wu
October, 21st, 2014

Abortion is a very touchy and controversial subject in the United States. This research paper will discuss the different positions that abortion has and whether or not it is ethical for a woman to have an abortion, even though it is her legal right in most cases.


Abortion is a very sensitive topic that is also a very controversial topic as well. A topic where people are torn between whether it is right to have an abortion or not. It has been a major issue for hundreds of years. Even so, all fifty states have made legal to have an abortion, and it should be up to the woman whether or not they want to have the abortion or not. At one time not all states made abortion legal. It took a Supreme Court case to decide that. I personally do not see anything wrong with someone having an abortion, it is a personal choice. I really do not understand why so many people are so against about abortion. Giving the right to women to choice to have an abortion is part of their civil rights that we fought so hard for. If we start having these sorts of basic civil rights taken away, we will be going down on a dangerous path. Who is to say something else will be taken away? I honestly do not think having an abortion is such a big problem. Many people against abortion believe that it is murder. They believe it is the act of taking
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