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Customer Satisfaction Research Proposal
CommunnaTell Wireless Company: Team B
Tammy Cech, William Frudakis, Robbie Hollingsworth
August 30, 2010
Instructor: Dr. Michele Burpeau-Di Gregorio

Customer Satisfaction Research Proposal: CommunnaTell Wireless Company CommunnaTell Wireless commits to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. The company offers quality products and services on the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless voice and 3G network, and it delivers the industry-leading customer service – online, over the phone and in-person. Recently the company has experienced an increase in complaint calls, which reported to the research team for follow-up. The design of the proposal was to determine the
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Included in this section will be Quad chart data, Benchmarking on other customer service-based companies in similar industry, and Balance Scorecard data to set goals and standards for improvements going forward.
Proposal Introduction Based on recent customer complaints, a need for an in-depth analysis of our call centers is required.
Call Center Staffing

Quality customer service is necessary to attain high levels of customer satisfaction. The company’s Call Center is usually the first department in the company the customer contacts for service, and the first person the customer communicates with when he or she are not satisfied. The employees who work as customer service representatives should be professional and not ineptitude. In efforts to prepare CSRs with skills and knowledge available to them, the company must provide modern equipment, training, incentives to recommend, and retain qualified employees (Lucas, n.d.).
Statement of the Problem Recent changes with-in the company has created turn-over in the call center, resulting in new inexperienced associates. Customer complaints have risen and a solution for increase satisfaction was proposed.
Keeping the Customer Satisfied A well-known fact is that no business can exist without customers. It is critical that to form a close working relationship with clients, customer service is of vital importance (Thompson, 2002). Every

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