Research In Criminal Justice

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The Big Idea
Crime data is released by many cities but there is inconsistent information available on the Criminal Justice related data at an individual level. There is limited awareness on how much data is available and accessible. The statistical tables and other released data could form a basis for innovation in the Criminal Justice System. Converting this data into meaningful insights through data visualizations, infographics, applications will meet the high demand for accessing, and better understanding of this information by the general public, researchers, developers, NGO’s, journalists and many other groups within the Criminal Justice System. Criminal Justice information is often complex and includes a wide range of identifiers/data
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Impact of the Idea
A data visualization not only increases the accessibility or awareness of valuable data but also leads to transparency between the justice system and general public. Creating innovative approaches that make criminal justice data, especially at an individual level, presentable in ways that account for the complexities, increase awareness and understanding, and ensure broad access is essential.

Re-presenting and analyzing data in a clear, scannable and compelling way allows criminal justice practitioners, policy makers and the public to better understand how they can leverage existing data to develop better policies, and responses to criminal justice problems. Developers or researchers could create better algorithms for individualized intervention and risk assessment. There can be better products created using this information to reduce crime resulting in more effective programs which could combine criminal justice data with other relevant publicly accessible data
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Information processing time in criminal justice system reporting and response situations. (Example: NYPD reporting systems).
Relationship between law enforcement officer shift length and on-the-job injury, assault, or citizen
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