Research Initiative by Toyota Motor Corporation

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Running Head: Describe research organization Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation is a well-known Japanese automaker. The headquarters of Toyota is in Aichi, Japan. More than 3 million people are employed in Toyota on the global scale. By production, Toyota is one of the second biggest car manufacturers in the world in accordance with the statistics of the year 2010. By revenue, Toyota is counted as the biggest automakers in Pakistan. Recently, Toyota reported to manufacture 200 millionth vehicle. Other than being an automaker company, Toyota is known to be an organization which is very much involved in other activities that are related to research and development. Research Initiatives There are a number of initiatives that have been taken by Toyota in the field of research. One of the main examples of these is the development and establishment of the Toyota Technological Institute in the year 1981. One of the main aims of the development of this center by Sakichi Toyoda was to make sure that research goes on in the field of engineering. In the year 2003, Toyota Technological Institute was founded in Chicago. As a part of this research, Toyota has supported Toyota Driving Expectations Program which promises its customers the fun of safe driving. Toyota is one of the most well-known automotive organizations in the world having the aim of reducing the fatalities and accidents on the roads (Hasegawa, 2008, p. 67). Other than these, some of the other research programs
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