Research Instrument Used For Students

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In order to perform my observation, I will gather thirty teens who are willing to take part out of the predetermined school. Ten teens would be in the ninth grade who do not regularly text, and the other twenty would be twelfth graders who have texted daily for the last three years. In order to establish a well-rounded answer, I will make sure students are selected from different classrooms and different teachers. I will also make sure the thirty teens selected have varying grade point averages to keep the group diverse. To assure I have a rapport with the students, I will ask to sit in on several classes before actually individually interviewing anyone.
Research Instrument Used:
Before any research even starts, I will sit in on both the ninth grade and twelfth-grade classes with participating students seven times to become familiarized with the students and allow the students to get comfortable with me. After the participants from each class are selected, information will be gathered for each teen such as their name, age, grade, previous academic grades from seventh grade until present grade, any additional test scores on English and reading skills, as well as any formal writing assignments. Furthermore, each participant will be asked individually to fill out a questionnaire in regards to their texting habits. They will be questioned about the details of their cell phone usage, the numbers of texts they send daily, as well as how many hours they…
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