Research Into Practice : Evolving Healthcare Essay

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Research into Practice: Evolving Healthcare Kari Wicks GFC MSU LPN to RN Transition Research into Practice: Evolving Healthcare Anton Chekhov quoted, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” This quotes relates directly to the everchanging healthcare field. So much evidence based research is done regularly however no changes will ever come from it unless the findings are accepted, implemented, and continually monitored. In this paper the steps taken to implement new research will be discussed as well as the difficulties that come along with changes. With healthcare continually changing, does one ever stop to think why changes are being made, or if changes made are necessity? Wouldn’t it be easier to continue nursing the way everyone is used to? The answer is, no! Changes in health care are brought upon with the idea of implementing safer, more efficient, and patient friendly techniques. This is all due to research that is done and then introduced into clinical practice. Where does the research come from? The answer is, through research utilization. This process consists of five steps before reaching the final step of introing the new research into clinical practice. (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2015). In the initial component, the Preutilization stage, the first question asked or problem identified would be, what could be done in a safer, more beneficial, more efficient, or simply a different way. This step consists of talking to colleagues and getting

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