Research Is The Most Dominating Phenomenon Of Our Civilization

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Research is considered as the most dominating phenomenon of our civilization. The impact of research can be witnessed on us. Due to the ongoing advancement in every sector, scholars and practitioners from different academic and professional discipline participate in research. Research is conducted in different styles and settings, such as laboratories, classrooms, libraries and with the help of computer as well. Depending on the area of the research, some research take short duration whereas, few requires lot of time and consideration. Indeed, the field of education is complex as a result educational research are likely to be complex and challenging as well. While doing research the correct course of action i.e., research methods need to be taken care of. Broadly, researchers give a specific structure to the pre occupied and the new data obtained. Before discussing the frames of educational research, it is important to know the basic idea behind research. Wiersma and Jurs (2005) describe research as a systematic procedure of collecting and organising data that helps in exploring valuable information. While, Cohen (2013) states that the term research is itself very complex, therefore Cohen has categorised the research on social and educational grounds. Consequently, when social research is considered, we have an image of systematic implementation of principle of science to varied problems within social context. Similarly, when we encounter the term educational research, we
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