Research Justification : Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Research justification:
Autism Spectrum Disorder has been in existence for nearly two decades. Autism was first identified by two Austrian psychiatrists, Dr. Leo Kanner and Dr. Hans Asperger in 1940s (Phetrasuwan et al., 2009). Dr. Kanner studied a small group of eleven young children in 1943 that exhibited unusual behaviour like aloneness, temper tantrums, limited spontaneity, grammatical errors during conversations, repeating sentences or mute, repetitive routines, isolated skills, serious mindedness and named them as “early infantile Autism” (derived from the Greek word autos meaning ‘Self’) (Kanner, 1943, Wing, 1997, KITA and HOSOKAWA, 2011) .
In the same year Dr. Hans Asperger submitted his thesis titled “Autistic psychopathy in childhood” which was published the following year in 1944 (Lyons and Fitzgerald, 2007). He observed a group of four children who had excellent memories (KITA and HOSOKAWA, 2011, Van Krevelen, 1971) . They had impairments like monotone speech, poor motor skills, delayed social abilities, less severe linguistic delays, ego-centric behaviours, sensitive to particular sounds, aromas, textures and touch (Attwood, 1998). This type of behaviour is termed as “Asperger’s syndrome”.
Autism is a life-long disability that affects people in three different aspects of life in social interaction, social communication and social behaviour. The range of levels varied depending on the type of severity (severe to mild). It has been put forth as the continuum

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