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Devry University Laptop Purchase Proposal In an effort to provide Devry students with the best and most affordable laptops, I have research completed that I must share with our team. Besides affordability, which is a top priority on my list of requirements; portability, capacity, and useful life are the qualities the laptop of choice will provide our students for future years. One other item is so important to our students and that is customer service support for ordering, timely ordering, and warranty support. It is vital that if something goes wrong with a laptop; the service will be quick and affordable. We need to make sure our students have access to their laptops at all time and that technical problems can be fixed with a…show more content…
I found that Dell and HP are the number one and two brands of laptops that are sold in the US today. (10) HP seemed to be a brand that consumers buy for their homes, whereas because of the rebates and great “bulk buying” deals, Dell is of the choice brand for most businesses and colleges.(2) The cost, the reliability, specifications offered, and useful life of a Dell will be ideal for Devry Students. 95% of Fortune 500 companies use the brand Dell for their office desktops and laptops. (2) After reviewing the Dell services, I am convinced Dell is the brand of choice and I’d like to explore why. First, Dell being used in most businesses it will give our students the experience needed with their product. Dell is a PC based computer which was determined earlier in this paper is vital for the business curriculum requirements. Our students can order their laptop through a chat or phone session using the Dell website. The customer service Dell offers is amazing. Once a laptop is on order for a student, the delivery time is up to two weeks for arrival. Customer service representatives are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If a laptop is not working properly, a Dell technician will be dispatched within 48 hours for an appointment on-site where the student chooses for the repair to be made.(2) I propose Devry purchases the Studio 15 laptop for general studies, liberal arts, and business majors.
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