Research Mean For Second Language Learners

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What does this research mean for second language learners in our schools? After watching, The Child-driven education video presented by Sugata Mitra, I was immediately drawn to the question : What does this research mean for second language learners in our schools. As a preschool teacher in a bilingual, Spanish classroom for over seven years, I have always been taught that children learning a new language need visual pictures and props to help from make the connections of the words to the visual image. Now, I wondering if that teaching process is the best way for children to learn a new language? During two of years at Head Start, I had three different spoken languages in my classroom. I know that my teacher assistant supplies numerous ways for all students to learn both English and Spanish with reading materials, songs , counting and other literacy lessons because we both were natural speakers of these two languages. However, looking back as the lead teacher, I wish that I would have provided more lessons for all of the children to learn and be expressed to Mandarin. Of course, I had the parents that spoke Mandarin come in to the classroom and provided that children with language lessons once or twice. These parents were working full time and were very kind to reorganize their schedules to volunteer in my classroom. These two meetings with a these parents were very educational to both my students and the adults in the classroom. After witnessing the video of the Indian
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