Research Method & Ethical Issues

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1. Research methodology definition Research methodology is the philosophy or the general principle which will guide the research (Dawson C. , 2007). 2. Decide the research methods 1) Thinking about purpose You need to think about the purpose of your research as this will help point to the most appropriate methods to use. 2) Qualitative research and quantitative research Qualitative research explores attitudes, behavior and experiences through such methods as interviews or focus groups (Dawson C. , 2007). Quantitative research generates statistics through the use of large-scale survey research. This type of research reaches many more people, but the contact with those people is much quicker than it is in qualitative…show more content…
How to be an ethical researcher As researchers we are unable to conduct our projects successfully if we do not receive the help of other people. If we expect them to give up their valuable time to help us, it follows that we should offer them something in return. Also, many people are willing to disclose a lot of personal information during our research so we need to make sure that we treat both the participants and the information they provide with honesty and respect. This is called research ethics. 1) Treating participants with respect As a researcher you must remember that the research process intrudes on people’s lives. Some of the people who take part in your research may be vulnerable because of their age, social status or position of powerlessness. If participants are young, you need to make sure a parent or guardian is present. If participants are ill or reaching old age you might need to use a proxy and care should be taken to make sure that you do not affect the relationship between the proxy and the participant. Some people may find participation a rewarding process, whereas others will not. Your research should not give rise to false hopes or cause unnecessary anxiety. You must try to minimize the disruption to people’s lives and if someone has found it an upsetting experience you should find out why and try to ensure that the same situation does not occur again. As a researcher you will encounter awkward situations, but good
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