Research Method Of Content Analysis

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Commercial advertisements have been around for over a hundred years and have multiple purposes. They can sell a certain product to consumers, garner support fir political candidates or even shed some light on important social issues. Content analysis is a way to interpret and summarize any content to study the communications people produce as a way of creating a picture of their society (Crossman, 2016). By applying the research method of content analysis to advertisements, we can gain an insight into how society behaves, what its characteristics are and how people communicate. I have picked out ten advertisements to which I’ve applied content analysis to better understand their content and the different subtle methods of communication employed throughout.

This first ad seen in Figure 1 is for Self magazine directed at women. While not necessarily an advertisement in the normal sense, it does convey a specific message that many other magazine, TV, and print ads do. On the cover is the magazines title, a model, and many phrases designed to catch your eye as you walk by, such as "Cool gym classes and cute clothes to wear to them!" or "12 Best foods for glowing skin". By applying the Symbolic Interactionism theory with microanalysis, this can be seen as a form of social control, a way to encourage conformity to cultural norms (Openstax College 2013, p. 61). These magazines are often displayed in stores near the checkout stand and millions of people view these ads every day.…
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