Research Method Of Content Analysis

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Commercial advertisements have been around for over a hundred years and have multiple purposes. They can sell a certain product to consumers, garner support fir political candidates or even shed some light on important social issues. Content analysis is a way to interpret and summarize any content to study the communications people produce as a way of creating a picture of their society (Crossman, 2016). By applying the research method of content analysis to advertisements, we can gain an insight into how society behaves, what its characteristics are and how people communicate. I have picked out ten advertisements to which I’ve applied content analysis to better understand their content and the different subtle methods of communication…show more content…
The next advertisement was produced by the World Wildlife Fund which is an organization that supports wildlife conservation. This web advertisement depicts a forest in the shape of two lungs, with a large segment of trees depleted from logging activities. Underneath this photo are the words “Before it’s too late”. This is a clever use of symbols to attempt to convey what is happening to the global ecosystem. The Symbolic Interactionism theory can also be applied here. By comparing the damage done to a smoker’s lung to the symbols of what are essentially the lungs of the planet, they are trying to spread awareness of deforestation and resource management. Symbols have been used by all cultures throughout history and are a cultural universal which is to say, a trait common to all societies. A connection or dependency for the environment is seen throughout all cultures and this ad brings that reminder to a global stage. Figure 3 shows an ad that was produced by Old Spice and was found on the internet. The ad consists of a muscular male model on horseback with a bottle of Old Spice body wash. The caption for the ad states “Smell like a man, man”. This advertisement is trying to sell the idea that you need this product in order to become what is
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