Research Methodologies : Questions, Variables, And Data

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Research Methodologies: Questions, Variables, and Data Gathering information and conducting research is the starting point when a teacher wants to know a best teaching method or practice. Quantitative and qualitative research can be used for a teacher’s research. If quantitative research is used, three types of questions are available, and are of extreme importance. These types of questions include: descriptive, relational, and causal. It is up to the teacher doing the research to decide how to use them. While quantitative research depends on much numeric data and large sample populations, qualitative research depends on more personal interactions and smaller sample population (Schreiber, 2012). This essay will compare and contrast the three primary types of research questions most often used in quantitative research; as well as describe best practices or tips for composing strong qualitative research questions.
Quantitative Research
Depending on the problem, a researcher could use quantitative or qualitative methods, or a mixture of both. In the process, a researcher might find that characteristics of the questions asked can change with the situation. In comparison, quantitative research questions relate attributes, while qualitative research questions explore a central concept (Schreiber, 2012). The specific quantitative research question types are descriptive, relational, and causal. According to Trochim (2006) a descriptive research question is a description of
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