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3. Methodology:
3.1 Introduction:
The study for this thesis will be exploratory research using secondary data collected by the communication agency, MESH Planning. The agency developed an innovative approach called ‘real-time experience tracking’, which involves three stages of data collection. And both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected and used in this context in order to get an insight of critical incidents.
This section will start with a comparison of three possible methodologies for data collection: ethnography, survey (or interview) and real time experience tracking. And then sampling and data collection methods will be examined followed by a description of data analysis.
3.2 Research approach selection:
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They are much cheaper than ethnography with a greater effectiveness, however, all of these interviews or surveys were based on the retrospective data, respondents answered the questions by their memory and the issue may happened for a long time. There could be a great influence on the quality of data since the ability of respondent to recall information differed from one to another and some incorrect information often occurred (Baker, 2003).
The third approach considered in this study is the real-time experience tracking developed by MESH planning. This is an approach to record 360-degree touchpoints of brand by respondents in real time. There are three stages of data collection. The first stage uses the pre-online questionnaire to collect information about brand health and relationship quality. The third stage uses the same questions to ask respondents’ perception after brand encounters in order to identify any change. While the second stage for data collection is the most crucial process in the approach. Respondents are asked to send SMS message to report any brand encounter via mobile phones. And the online diary also helped to expand these experiences (Willis et al 2010). Meanwhile, for identifying the CIs, weekly questionnaire will be sent to respondents about the CIs happened in the past week.
The approach offers a holistic view to track customer experience as well as identifying critical incidences. The real-time tracking approach enabled to identify a

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