Research Methodology For A Researcher

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology involves the design which a researcher ought to use to study a topic of interest. It therefore involves the procedure by which researchers undertake their work and the framework within which is conducted (Rajasekar et al., 2013; Remenyi et al., 1998). Research Methodology aids research planning, if properly design it will enable a researcher to arrive at results or findings and tools that can either be used to disprove or approve such knowledge. (Nachamias et al., 1996; Saunders et al.,2003). This chapter outlines data collection procedure as well as how data is analyse for this study. These involve choice of the sampling frame, sampling techniques, how interviews were designed and conducted as well as questionnaire administration, time horizon, transcription of interviews and analysis of responses, ethical concerns and limitations of the methods. Qualitative Research Methods Qualitative research method was chosen for this study. It involves an interpretative inquiry and a naturalistic approach to an area of study (Denzin, & Lincoln, 2005; Qazi, 2011). Researchers therefore make an interpretation of what they observe, hear, and understand (Creswell 2003). Qualitative research method was suitable and adopted to deal with the study objectives since the research was more naturalistic, participant driven and comprehensive (Ciceu, 2015) as well as inquiring. Methods of Data Collection For the purpose of this research survey were
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