Research Methodology For Research Design

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3.1 Introduction This chapter presents the research methodology employed in this thesis in respect of the research objectives by ensuring the application of the appropriate methodology. Among other things the research design, population, sampling procedures and sample size, data collection technique and research instrument were discussed. Finally, the data analysis and research limitations were looked at. . 3.2 Research design Research design constitutes the entire strategy for data collection including the specific data analysis techniques or methods the researcher intends to use. Three major approaches are mostly considered by researcher during research methodology. These are quantitative, qualitative or mixed approaches. However, Ghauri et al. (1995) maintained that quantitative and qualitative methods are two types of research methods mostly used by researchers. According to Bryman& Bell (2007), the quantitative method entails systematic empirical studies which involve quantifying through the assistance of mathematics and statistics. Data is collected and transformed into numbers which are empirically tested to see if a relationship can be found in order to be able to draw conclusions from the results gained. On the other hand, qualitative research does not rely on statistics or numbers rather qualitative research often refers to case studies where the collection of information can be received from a few studying objects. According to Biggam (2008) quantitative
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