Research Methodology For The Research

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In doing the research, the methodology must be appropriate so that the analysis findings could reach the objective. Research methodology proposed one procedure in order way to be follow to answer all the questions in the research that want to be made. Quoted by Denzin and Lincoln (1994), methodology is a process that related with research objective and data. In the others word, it is early research planning that include the research scope, data collection method, data collection process and data analysis method. For Ranjit (2005), methodology is one of crucial part in research, in order to ensure the research can be done in the systematic way Overall, this chapter will discuss on the research frame and the methodologies used in order to meet the research objectives. Research process been divided into three main parts there are preliminary research part, data collection and last one data analysis.

Research Methodologies
Research methodology is a way how the research is conducted step by step and in order. There are two methods used for data collection which is the primary data and secondary data. These data can be obtained and used many ways. The data is taken and analyzed in advance to produce a result that we can use for research and future reference. This study will relate to the objective we want to achieve and finding the answer to every objective we seek. In order to successfully achieve the objectives we seek, we must know
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