Research Methodology : Mixed And Action

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Methodology: Mixed and Action MGMT605-1503B-01 Dolores Jackson Williams Colorado Technical University Online Action Research Action research methodology involves societal and psychosomatic research to help researchers to categorize social issues in a group or within the community, by using active participation in the research the group for the express exertion to solve the issues. Action research is in any environment where people will engage in a collective manner and are goal directed. Action research starts with an action theory the primary focus of the theory is to introduce changes brought about by the conjecture of the community, group or organization. Action research relies upon the evident gathered from numerous standpoints, while lending to a more effective strategy to progress a community, organization or groups as a whole. You will gain knowledge through the point of action research application, it involves problem solving as the research progresses a solution will be achieved resulting in your action development plan however, they are not considered irrefutable or unconditional (Miller, G. E. 2003). Goals of action research expansion of specialized practice for ongoing problem solving; developing specified theory of action; improvement within the community through action research. (Greenwood, Whyte, & Harkavy, 1993 Action research process Selecting a focus 1. Clarifying theories Action research starts with an action theory the primary focus of the
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