Research Methodology Of A Research Approach Essay

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3. Research Methodology In order to address the objectives set out in this research, a quantitative research approach has been employed and follows models developed by Tinbergen (1962), MacCullum (1995), Andrew (2002), and Augustin and Tawah (2012). The study is designed in such a way that it doesn’t take the entire model developed by any one of these scholars, instead it adopts those variables which are appropraite to the situation under investigatation and adds some relevant explanatory variables. 3.1. Research Design In this study, 11 independent variables have been used to measure the pattern of the dependent variable. Dependent variable vary by the factors that influence them where as independent variables stand on their own - changes in other variables in the model have no effect on them. An independent variable in one context may be a dependent variable in another. The dependent variable in this research is the average of bilateral trade and the research is designed to learn more about the determinants of the direction of trade in the EAC member states. GDP in both trading partners, distance between the centers in both the trading partners, number of people in both countries, membership in a preferential trade agreement, the existence of common border, language, having sea gate, colonial ties, and membership in the EAC regional integration are the independent variables. 3.2. Model Specification Trade flow modelling has been at the center of trade researches over the
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