Research Methodology On Agile Project Management

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3. Methodology Chapter
3.1 Introduction to Methodology
The purpose of this chapter is to describe the research methodology used in completing this dissertation. This chapter starts out by describing the initial research and literature review that was performed and then further describe with relevant research methodology. A research method is being selected and explained. A sample of questionnaire and interview questions can be obtained in Appendix.
3.2 Prestudy and Approach ( Literature Review )
The purpose of literature review in this dissertation is to provide knowledge to sponsor on what benefits and possibilities that comes with Agile Project Management. The first source to information is gathered through studying relevant literature review which gives this dissertation further insight of strength and limitation of both traditional and agile project management as well as getting an overview of what are the common issues when introducing agile methodologies with Scrum and project outsourcing into organisation that usually using traditional project methodology.

Another aim of reviewing literature is to have a more theoretical knowledge of how Scrum, SME and project outsourcing are conducted with Agile Project Management. In addition, all these information can be said to contribute as a secondary data sources for the dissertation. It helps to identify relevant issues related to both agile and traditional methodology in an organisation. Literature streams that were…
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