Research Methodology On Agile Project Management

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3. Methodology Chapter 3.1 Introduction to Methodology The purpose of this chapter is to describe the research methodology used in completing this dissertation. This chapter starts out by describing the initial research and literature review that was performed and then further describe with relevant research methodology. A research method is being selected and explained. A sample of questionnaire and interview questions can be obtained in Appendix. 3.2 Prestudy and Approach ( Literature Review ) The purpose of literature review in this dissertation is to provide knowledge to sponsor on what benefits and possibilities that comes with Agile Project Management. The first source to information is gathered through studying relevant literature…show more content…
It is also an essential section for analysis when comparing literature review with empirical data from questionnaires and interview to complete the dissertation. The information gathered was used to formulate questions for interviews and questionnaires. The questionnaires and interviews are served to collect more data from the participants in the Sponsor’s company that has first-hand knowledge in the company. These data will be the primary data for the dissertation. After all data are collected, analysed and compared against the requirement, best practise are drafted to introduce agile methodology and its suitability into Syarikat Adebena that uses traditional methodology. 3.3 Background There are generally two types of methods when it comes for data collection, namely qualitative and quantitative approach. According to Leung (2015) that qualitative approach contributes as much as quantitative approach and data integration is vital element in mixed method analysis. A mixed of both qualitative and quantitative approaches which also known as triangulation is chosen for this dissertation. A mixed method is often includes a questionnaire followed up by detailed interview after. It has been mentioned in previous section that the sponsor’s company is SME, hence, the research method for this dissertation are better in focusing an in-depth understanding since it is of a
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