Research Methodology : Research Methods

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3. Research Methodology
3.1 Introduction
This chapter will focus on the research methods application and explain why use these research methods to accomplish this case study. This study was used the qualitative method to collect various data in order to get more depth and comprehensive information to explore the questions of this study. The qualitative method mainly used in exploratory research on objectives, it can be used to obtain potential causes, ideas, and motivations. Furthermore, the qualitative method can also provide more in-depth problem-solving methods and explore new ideas in objectives of the study (Cohen, 2006).
3.2 Primary research: Questionnaire and Interview
Primary research is the method that obtain the first-hand data from experiments and investigation. It contains several different methods such as questionnaire, interviews and surveys (Blaxter, 2006). Due to changes in China 's luxury consumption is from the beginning of 2014, there are only a few secondary sources can be found on the Internet. Therefore, this study has mainly focused on gather first-hand information and resources on the analysis of changes in China 's luxury consumption.
In the questionnaire part, by the time of Easter holidays, I went back to China to do this research. I have created 120 copies of the questionnaire in order to collect more information from different age, sex, and occupation, region, and education Chinese consumers. The primary research has conducted in two major
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