Research Methodology : Research Proposal Essay

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341.629 – Research Methodology
Assignment 1 – Research Proposal & Ethics
Jason Suon – 10517900
Due: 8th September 2014
Mark Value: 40% Table of Contents
Introduction and background 3
Research Objectives 3
Literature Review 3
Income Tax 3
Filing your income tax return 4
Provisional tax 4
Fringe benefit tax 4
Comparing Australian and NZ business tax 5
Research Methodology 5
Research Strategy 5
Secondary research methodology 5
Primary research methodology 5
Time-frames & Costs 5
Ethical Issues 5
Bibliography 6

Introduction and background

In 16th of August 2012 RM Research became listed in the NZX50. The company a research company based in Auckland New Zealand. They specialise in the following research disciplines:
• Marketing
• Communication
• Accounting & Finance
• Strategic Management
• Business Operations
• Taxation
• Human Resource Management
RM Research has been contracted by iFAST, an Australian based company providing mobile phone services and Internet data plans to conduct research to see if it was viable for them to conduct business here in New Zealand.
The problem RM Research will look into are the implications of New Zealand taxation regimes and or rules on iFAST.
The purpose for this study we will write a research proposal for iFAST that incorporates research objectives, literature review, research design, methodology, time-frames and Budgets.

Research Objectives

To conduct a detailed feasiblity to ascertain viability of establishing business in New
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