Research Methodology in Functional Areas

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RELEVANCE OF RESEARCH IN DECISION MAKING IN VARIOUS FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BUSINESS SUBMITTED BY: DEEPTI(0918111) KRITHIKA (0918119) NAMRATA (0918124) NITA (0918129) NIDHI(091812) SHYAMALA (0918154) RELEVANCE OF RESEACH IN BUSINESS While many business ideas blossom into successful businesses, there are many others that did not move beyond the business plan or offering memorandum. And among those that get funded and started, many fail eventually. While there can be many reasons for business failures, often these were due to flaws in the business concept or the business model that rendered them vulnerable to the difficulties encountered. Recognizing the relevance of research in business planning has become…show more content…
Determining that “low carb” was more than a fad, it entered into an alliance with Arthur Agatston, the creator of The South Beach Diet. The result was certain Kraft products being labeled “South Beach Diet Recommended.” Further marketing research led to a broad line of products entitled “The South Beach Diet” brand. Products include cereal, meal replacement and cereal bars, refrigerated sandwich wraps, frozen entrees, and frozen pizza. INFORMATION PROVIDED BY MARKET RESEARCH Market research should provide marketing managers a clear picture of the market, including: 1. Customer information, such as their locations, age, gender, buying behavior and motivation 2. Competitor information, such as their identity, marketing network, customer focus and scale of operations 3. Product information, such as how customers talk about it, and likely impact of technology developments 4. Industry information, such as volumes of demand and supply, trend of sales, seasonal demand patterns 5. Competitive opportunities, such as under-served consumer segments and unmet consumer needs FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS Financial Benchmarking & Analysis Methodology It leverages industry expertise, exhaustive primary and secondary research sources, and significant Wall Street experience to enable clients to make better investment decisions. The financial research analysts combine sector and company research,
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