Research Methodology in Health and Social Care

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The topic that I have chosen to look at is obesity. The aim of this topic is to find out whether “the ignorance of genetics as a contra factor of obesity”. I have chosen to look at this topic because obesity is concerns me. Obesity has always been a bid debate for a long time now and I was intrigued to find out more about the topic and the cause of obesity. The fact that obesity has made deadlines news in recent years. There are a lot of misconceptions about obesity such as overweight is caused by a sow metabolism. There have been a lot of beliefs and myths about obesity in society today and he above myths is on of them. According to Donnellan (1998) ‘ ‘people who are overweight have told their doctors that they eat no more and
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From what has been said about validity, I would say that my research would be addressed on what has been stated that children have to eat healthy for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The advantages of using questionnaires for my research are as follows:
It is quick to gather information that I needed for the research.
The questionnaires will be given out at my placement, church and class, so that the information will collect from a large portion of a group.
According to (025/02/08) ‘‘argued that questionnaires give the researcher feedback from the point of view of the user’’.

Using this type of research method, I can understand what I would have used other type of research method Taylor et al (1995) ‘‘argued that participant observation offers the best opportunity to discover how people see the world in which they live. It also provides the kind of insight, fresh information and new directions for research which are less likely to come from other methods. ’’


While carrying my research I will questionnaires to collect my primary data and this will assist me to gain lots of different answers, for me to be able to understand my research more. According to the daily mirror science editor (15/05/08) The problem is that you could have type 2 diabetes for up to 12 years without knowing it simply because the symptoms are often quite general, seem
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