Research Methodology on Natural Language Processing

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Research methodology on Natural Language Processing:
The main aim of this project is to research on the integration of “Natural Language Processing “ and information systems engineering to enhance query retrieval in natural language processing.
Defining a research methodology:
The definition of research methodology includes two parts:
- Research definition
- Methodology
It is defined as a thorough and organized query or investigation on a particular theme to revise or determine the facts, theories, applications and so on.
It is a system of methods followed by a particular discipline. Thus, research methodology is the way how a researcher performs research.
Uses of research methodology:
There are many
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[Gordhan Marshall, 1998]

To study the concept of natural language processing and various features involved in it.
The above objective is fulfilled by initiating an exact design required for performing the research process. The research design illustrates the basic understanding about the research (NLP) and various features.

Research strategies:
Normally, research methodology includes two strategies for performing research.
- Qualitative research
- Quantitative research

Quantitative research:
Quantitative research methods are utilized to study the natural phenomena. So, it includes survey methods, formal methods, and numerical methods.
Qualitative research:
Qualitative research methods are utilized to study the social and cultural phenomena. So it includes observation, participant observation (field work), interview sessions, documents and texts and finally the researcher’s imitations and feedback. [Myers, 2009]
Qualitative research is a technique of promoting research that stresses the quality according to the user’s point of view and approaches. In depth interviews and focus groups are best examples of qualitative research. [Laura Lake, 2009]
To study various procedures involved in query evaluation of natural language processing
The above objective of the project is fulfilled by selecting a suitable strategy among all the available strategies. In this research methodology, the researcher used
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