Research Methods And Data Collection Method

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Research Methods and Data Collection Method
The research methodology that was used is a descriptive research format. First twenty-five scholarly sources were read, analysed, and annotated. Then, an interviewed was conducted with Dr. Eileen Appelbaum, who is an expert on paid family and medical leave policies in the United States. The main data collection method was through meta-analysis. Four scholarly journals were reviewed and analysed in order to come to synthesizing conclusions that support the thesis. The interview with Dr. Appelbaum allowed for a deeper understand how paid leave is implemented at the state level, the meta-analysis of the journals enabled the researcher to draw conclusions from the research and conclusions of other related studies.

Summary of Meta-Analysis Studies
“Documenting the Need for a National Paid Family and Medical Leave Program: Evidence from the 2012 FMLA Survey”
By: Helene Jorgensen and Eileen Appelbaum
This journal is an analysis of the Department of Labor’s 2012 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) survey. The surveys conducted in this study mainly focused on the FMLA’s effect on employees working in the private-sector. The data collected emphasized on the availability of FMLA benefits among different racial, occupation, and gender groups, and the main reasons for employees to take leave, and the strategies used to cover lost wages during unpaid leave periods. The survey reported that 59.5% of the respondents were eligible for unpaid…
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