Research Methods And Methodologies For Midwifery Practice

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Research Methods and Methodologies for Midwifery Practice
The aim of this research assignment is to demonstrate the ability to critically appraise two pieces of research evidence which relates to midwifery and use the evidence to make recommendations for change to improve the quality of care.
The topic that has been chosen is what is the best management to prevent perineal trauma during labour and the long term effects perineal trauma has on women. In particular the “Hands Off or Hands On” (HOOP) technique will be researched. The reason for this chosen topic is the management of the perineum during the second stage of labour is varied and often at the preference of the midwife in attendance. Therefore student midwives are being taught
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The Table of hits in appendix one shows the overall results from the search strategy. Quotation marks were used around each phrase so only research with that phrase would be returned and Boolean operators were used to link together the subjects (Gosall and Gosall, 2012). Advanced searches were then carried out to relate the searches to midwifery and only research from 2010 onwards was used so most up to date. The problems that arose were some of the topics were not related to midwifery i.e. Hoola hooping and also some research had to be paid for so this research was not used. Medical databases were used to search the available literature. The following two articles were chosen to critically appraise in detail:
Women’s experiences following severe perineal trauma: a qualitative study (Priddis, Schmied and Dahlen, 2014) and;
Hands on or hands off the perineum: a survey of care of the perineum in labour (HOOPS) (Trochez, Waterfield and Freeman, 2011).
Women’s experiences following severe perineal trauma: a qualitative study will be critically appraised first. To critically appraise this research the CASP tool for qualitative research was used which is a tool help individuals understand the research evidence in order to apply evidence to practice. The CASP tool enables the reader to assess the
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