Research Methods And Methods Of Research

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Studying research method was not a new experience since I have studied about it in my under graduate school. In comparison from the previous one I had, ULMS 515 Applied Research Methods Module has enhanced my understanding about how to conduct a research in an appropriate way to be implemented in the real world setting. I learned to appreciate the nature of research and the research process in academic and practical contexts. This module also enables me to develop my understanding in the differences between primary and secondary data, the awareness to carefully identify research methods and technique related to data collection. This brings me to be able to identify the suitable methods for collecting data and analysing data that will result in the answer of the research question.
For me, the most meaningful experience was when I started to feel that doing research is not that boring. Previously, I thought that doing research was very boring, difficult, and useless. This might be because of the situation in my organisation where there were so many research papers that has no meaning to be implemented in the organisation. Having experienced this module learning, I now realise that research can be very challenging but useful if we can serve it in an appropriate practical way. This module has taught me that the complexity in doing research can turn to be interesting. As a result, I have significantly developed my skills in conducting research properly especially through the
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