Research Methods And Outcomes For Australian Indigenous Preterm Births

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Research methods and outcomes for Australian Indigenous preterm births Introduction: It is the responsibility of Health Care Practitioners to stay abreast of the latest research, while enhancing research skills, ensuring the most current evidence-based information guaranteeing the highest level of care. This paper will explore the development of research techniques and the tools available to establish the factors that increase the risk of preterm birth amongst the Indigenous women of Australia, with a particular focus in rural areas. 1. Throughout the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Queensland, several databases provide the most current research in clinical practice; these include CINAHL and Medline. These databases contain specifically chosen research to ensure the more relevant studies are more accessible, rather than the random selection by robots through Google and/or Google Scholar. To address the topic of this assessment, I began my search for two peer-reviewed journal articles using CINAHL, including limiting the dates to 2011-2016, peer reviewed and key words such as; “risk factors or causes” and “preterm birth or premature birth or premature infant” and “Australian Aboriginal* or Australian Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander*” Unfortunately, this search did not produce any results, I then extended my search to include the Medline database which produced three articles, one of which did not appear to address the issues of “preterm birth in

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