Research Methods: Critics of a Qualitative and Quantitative Paper on Pressure Sore Ulcer

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The author of this essay will critically appraise tow nursing articles. A qualitative paper published in the Journal of Advance Nursing (JAN) which will be referred as ‘article one’. A quantitative paper published in the Journal of Wound Care which will be referred as ‘article two’ in this essay. Both articles are wound care related. In order to examine the strength and weakness of the articles, the author of this essay will use a set of tools using a methodological analysis. Therefore demonstrate an understanding of the research process and relate to professional practice.
There are several types of wounds for examples: postoperative, leg ulcer, diabetic and pressure sore (Sussman, 2012). Wounds can be acute or chronic in nature (Waugh &
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Using the same method with PICO for article two the quantitative research, only one result was found. Using a peer review search for both articles there was no peer-review of article two. According to Traynor & Rafferty (2000) a peer review practice make possible to maintain journals credibility. And help to judge of the trustworthiness of the published material (Parahoo, 2006).
To conclude the database supported the finding of the searches. The keys words in the abstract were relevant as there aid for the literature research. In addiction it offered up to date information on the subject. Both articles used up-to-date journal to perform their literature search using primary sources materials for referencing. Primary sources are original research articles written by the person who conducted the study and present original thinking, report or share new information (Paterson, 1993). Although both journals used journal, not all journal publish the original research according to Cormark et al (2006). What follow is a critical evaluation of the literature review.
A good literature review is considered to prepare the ground for new research (Beck and Pilot, 2012), discuss previous work if necessary in order to explore the depth of the articles (Smith, 1997) and justify the need for news research to take place (Munhall, 2006). This allow the reader to be aware of what already exist about
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