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Research methods assignment

This assignment will be comparing and contrasting two journal article’s, with a focus upon the research methods used. It will begin by summerising the main findings and key arguments of both articles. Followed by identifying the research methods used, whilst comparing and contrasting their strengths and limitations. It will then move onto looking at how the methodological limitations of each study may be overcome. To conclude this essay a reflection shall be carried out to identify lessons learnt from this process, which may be useful in carrying out future academic research.

The first article by Weich et al, begins by looking at existing research within the field and finds that the evidence suggests that people from black and minority ethnic groups experience poorer mental health services in comparison to the rest of the UK population. Upon carrying out the research the study finds that family and friends play a central but challenging role in service users lives, both in helping them understanding what is going on as well as seeking help. This is also a primary reason for service users preferring intensive community based home treatment as apposed to admission into hospital. Furthermore, no evidence was found in relation to ethnic differences in admission, timing of seeking help leading up to a psychotic episode, the willingness to engage with home treatment services, cooperation with medical recommendations and service users
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