Research Methods For The University Recycling Program

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Research Methods We began by creating an interview guide that consisted of four questions. The interview questions for faculty were different from the ones asked to students. We included questions regarding participants personal knowledge about recycling, their recycling habits and what their thoughts about the University recycling programs. In addition, we asked participants to identify ways they could reduce their paper usage, and if they could suggest something that the University could do to improve.
We reached saturation after interviewing eight random students; interviews were held at the Taylor Family Digital Library. Faculty members were chosen randomly and we interviewed two before reaching saturation. Both faculty members were professors and the interview took place after their lecture. The questions that we asked relate to our research question, which is what faculty and students, are doing to help the University of Calgary reduce paper and how can it improve.

Preliminary Results
In general terms, we found that all participants recycle paper. Most recycle on a regular basis. However, one of the participants mentioned that he only recycles when it is convenient and easy for him, this means when recycling facilities (i.e. recycling bins) are nearby. In contrast, another participant stated that she would carry the paper with her until she found the proper bin to throw it in.
All the participants claimed that recycling paper is important to them, and they would
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