Research Methods Of Health And Social Care

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Research Methods in Health and Social Care Throughout research in Health and social care settings, there are many implications with the research, which takes place. Many research methods include ethical issues which have to be considered when conducting research. Ethical issues need to be considered when research is being conducted, in all methods of conducting the research information. One method of research is using interviews. For example, when using interviews in a care home, when conducting research, many ethical issues can be raised. Interviews not only take place face-to-face, but also can happen on the phone, online, through text messaging, using a video messenger and though social media. Interviews are a very useful way of collecting information because a wide range of detailed information can be collected at a large quantity. There are two types of interviews: structured or unstructured. Structured interviews are where the interviewer has already pre-planned the questions that they will use in the interview. This is useful because the interview can be repeated, as the questions are standardised. Unstructured interviews are not made up of prepared questions. The interviewer will ask more open questions about board topics and then use follow-up questions to gain more answers in further detail. This method of interview is time-consuming however it enables the interviewee to answer questions in more detail and depth. It is possible that audio-recordings can be
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