Research Methods Of Media Research

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Research methods in media studies have proven to be essential assets in the process of analysis and evaluation. There are many different approaches to researching broadcast media and each is as effective as the next. There are some methods more suited to certain topics than others and it is expected to know the most effective method for each topic to enhance the validity and reliability of the research. In this essay I will be answering the question, ‘How do we research broadcast media?’ I will be evaluating and discussing some of these research methods and how essential a correct method can prove to be in academic research in broadcast media.

The qualitative and quantitative approaches are two main methods in research. Qualitative research is mainly based on description rather than on measurement, whereas quantitative research is mostly based on measurement rather than description. Qualitative research is a method that usually gives emphasis to words rather than quantification in the collection and analysis of data. “As a research strategy it is broadly inductivist, constructionist and interpretivist, but qualitative researchers do not always subscribe to all three of these features.” (Bryman, A 2012) p380

Quantitative research involves the collection of numerical data. It displays a view of the relationship between theory and research as deductive and having an objectivist concept of social reality. “The basic concepts that characterise quantitative research
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