Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Relevant Terminologies

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Research Methods in Criminal Justice:
Research is widely recognized as the basic technique for advancing a body of knowledge across various professions including the criminal justice field. This tool has the ability of enhancing a body of knowledge because it assists students, scholars, professionals in the criminal justice field, and governmental policy makers to determine effective methods for various issues like law enforcement, prevention of crime, and corrections. For students in criminal justice, learning research enables them to think critically and formulate policies in this field. The process of conducting research in criminal justice incorporates the use of various methods that play an important role in this field. While there is a wide range of research methods for those interested in criminal justice, effective research methods have the ability of opening and closing cases. Nonetheless, research in the criminal justice sector includes the uses of terminology that affects the ability of an individual to carry out proper criminal justice research.
Criminal Justice Research:
The issue of research has been an anxiety-provoking subject for many students in the field of criminal justice field because of the belief that the process is synonymous with statistics, which implies that criminal justice research is equated to mathematical procedures. Criminal justice students also shy away from studying research because of the misconception that the process is only an

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