Research On Being The Best Professional Social Worker

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Research is important in many professions but in social work it is essential. I am not intrigued with research. I do not care to read other people’s research conclusions. I also do not like doing my own research. My least favorite type of paper to write is a research paper. I have a hard time drawing my own conclusions from other people’s research as well as backing up my ideas with research. I am aware that research is an essential part of academia. I also acknowledge research will assist me in being the best professional social worker I can be for clients, the profession, and myself. Coming into Research Methods I did not think much about what the class would entail. My first thought was that I would be writing many research papers in great length. I also imagined that I would have to conduct some form of simple research like handing out surveys for people to take. These ideas do not excite me. I did not think I would be put into a team to have for social learning throughout the class. Not being excited about this course on research does not mean that I will not put effort into it. I plan on being open-minded about the class and learning as much as possible because I acknowledge the importance of research for social workers. With doing research and writing research papers I have many weaknesses and a few strengths. One of my weaknesses that I could see being the need for the most improvement is my documentation of sources and citing them. I have a difficult time
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