Research On Bullying And Bullying

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According to Bouchard, J. (2015) online harassment, or cyber bullying, defined as “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text,” can also harm children and teens (Hinduja & Patchin, n.d)… Cyber bullies harass their victims by posting insults, taunts, threats, or slanderous statements on the Internet or by directly sending them to their victims through digital communication like email, text messaging, and instant messaging (Young, Young, & Fullwood, 2007). According to Purdy, E.R. (2014) research on bullying suggest that bullying, which may involve either physical or emotional abuse, or both, is most likely to begin in late elementary school and continue throughout the middle-school years (Kueny & Zirkel, 2012). Around these ages group, students are going through the changes of puberty, fitting in school, and comparing themselves to their peers. The difference in these two terms are when a person is being bullying she or he can physical see theirs attacker and they can be face to face alone in isolation setting, with their friends and/or with classmates in the background egging on or joining in so they won’t be pick on and/or don’t look on or pass by. Whereas, in cyberbullying the victim cannot see their attacker they are invisible. The victim do not know if it is a girl or boy and how many of them. The invisible attacker can parilze their victim by taunting them about the recent whereas, what they had said in public, and describe their
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