Research On Cancer And Psychology

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Qinyue Ban Prof. Scala WRI 102 14 Nov. 2014 Cancer and Psychology The common argue which in medical area is the scientist’s keen to research about the relationship between the cancer and psychology. Cancer is comment disease, also as known as malignant tumors, has become a threat to human health and life of common disease, even become a major case of human death. Cancer occurred for any age, race, and gender. The reason and the result of the cancer are different because of the diverse of population and situation, and the mental activity of patients depends not only on disease. (American Cancer Society) Cancer is a kids of diseases which is the cells divided abnormal and uncountable. That cells can invade to other tissues of human’s body through blood and lymph systems.( MediLexicon International) Cancer is the general term of that disease, actually is not just one disease. There are more than a hundred different types of cancer. Those kids of diseases are most orinage by the organ. In order to help the cancer people have well treatment, focus on their method and take care of their Mental Health is also one of the important part of the treatment. In order to express well, the sources which should be including the “comorbid major depression in patients with cancer” The pain from cancer will have an impact off psychology problem. “Find out what people need to know about the most common types of cancer treatment, learn how they work and why they are
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