Research On Placebo Treatment And Placebo Effects

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Review of Literature Theories are constantly being tested on the effect placebos have over the human mind; research on placebo treatment and the placebo effect has increased exponentially. Researchers have a found a variety of ways to test the effect on people in order to figure out new levels of treatment. If researchers were to figure out that the usage of placebos treats or lowers the pain index in patients with different medical conditions, the standard of technology in medicine would raise to a whole new degree. The placebo effect is when the placebo treatment itself, which is considered an ineffective “dummy-pill”, actually works in effecting the human mind. A placebo is as effective as your mind makes it to be. If a person believes hard enough that something will happen when they consume a certain pill or are told that doing a certain activity will benefit them, it will. Doctors or researchers have looked into ways to test this effect out. A majority of studies have proven this theory correct, but there are still some doubts to the “placebo effect”. Many researchers doubt that a pill lacking any medication can help reduce levels of pain if told it will do so. It seems crazy to believe in this theory, that a “sugar pill” can treat an ailment, but a majority of researches have proved this theory to be legitimate. Most people do fall into the belief of the effectiveness of a placebo treatment. This is where the saying that “ people will believe anything they are
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