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To Provide Medical Treatments or Not People with serious medical conditions constantly seek assistance and cures for recovery. However, many of these problems are currently untreatable. Scientists constantly try to find new ways to help patients in need. Studies done in the past few years have displayed many possible methods. Stem cell research is a recent discovery that brings intense controversy: one side believes that the research is beneficial to the advancement of finding medical treatments and technologies, and the other questions whether the studies and experiments done in the field are ethical. Before understanding the history of stem cell research, one must understand its possibility of being used to cure people with medical…show more content…
With 10 and 11 clinics, respectively, Phoenix and Scottsdale, Ariz., represented another cluster. New York had 14 clinics, and San Antonio had 13” (Kaplan, Karen). Advancements in stem cell research have made many people start their own stem cell clinic to treat patients with serious injuries or medical conditions. The possibility to make a lot of money from a new technology is attractive to people and several have chosen to start a stem cell clinic to provide treatments to patients across the country. Policies are currently being developed by the NIH to regulate stem cell research. Recently, in August of 2016, “NIH released a draft of a policy that would change the guidelines to allow funding of certain human animal chimeras. Under the proposed new rule, taxpayer funds could be used for experiments that introduced human stem cells to early-stage embryos of all animals except other primates. Some nonhuman primate research would also be allowed but using only embryos at later stages of development and only after an extra layer of review by a special NIH committee. The policy change is under review” (Kaplan, Sarah). The policies being created by NIH will impact stem cell research done by scientists in the future. Excitement and enthusiasm over the newly developed chimera technique have caused NIH to want to have increased funding for such research, which will lead to further progress in the field of stem cell research. Stem cell research brings many

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