Research On Stem Cell Research

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Scientists for medical research have used embryonic stem cells in the past. Scientists have had amazing success while using these stem cells in their research. However, embryonic stem cell research has become a very controversial topic. With this controversy, it has become very hard to receive permission to do research on embryonic stem cells. Although scientists are in the early stages of research, the outcomes look very promising, making me very hopeful that this controversy will end soon, and scientist will continue to improve their medical research using stem cells. Although I had little prior knowledge of this topic, I have become very interested in embryonic stem cells. I have begun to understand how beneficial these
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The technological advancements in embryonic stem cell research have been outstanding. In addition to the vaccines and treatments that scientists have already discovered, they hope to find more breakthroughs in the near future. (Xibo) Some of the research topics scientists are looking into is replacing damaged cells, finding defects in early development that can cause diseases or miscarriages, study normal development, and also learn how medicines or toxins affect a fetus. (Klimas) Embryonic stem cells are an incredible approach to medical research. These stem cells have no defined role in what they will become. They have the potential to turn into anything from brain cells or liver cells or even muscle cells. Embryonic stem cells divide rapidly and are also less susceptible to rejection than adult cells when transplanted, making embryonic stem cells the ideal source of stem cells. They can be transplanted into a place with some damaged cells and be able to replace them and work as if they were in place before the damage occurred. (Kobe)
Embryonic stem cell research has been very successful and the future is looking very promising as well. Research on these stem cells is a very controversial topic. This research is so controversial because pro¬life activists argue that life begins at the creation of a zygote. What the creation of a zygote means is, two haploids—sex cells—have come together as one, or in other words the sperm
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