Research On The Field Of Education

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In the field of education, it is essential for a professional to be engaged in educational research that will produce effective decisions and choices for best practices in the classroom. There are two studies of educational research the supply side and the demand. The supply side researches the history of a system in play and investigates what a scholar has stated on a certain matter, it dwells into the amount of research, how it has influenced the educational community, and the quality of said research. The demand side searches for the real world application and effect for best practices. Action research hand is meant to solve a specific problem. It is the gathering of professionals to improve on a certain issue. To be thoroughly engaged in action research the supply and demand sides of research must intertwine to obtain a comprehensive resolution. Action research is developed from a group of educators having a common goal, making investigations in their own class, research from the supply and demand side, analyzing data, and applying it in practice. This paper explores Porter, A., & McMaken, J.’s six hypothesis’ of supply and demand in educational research in accordance with action research. Hypothesis one states that major developments are necessary for education research at the instructional level to find its way into practice (Porter & McMaken, 2009, p. 61). Educational companies create and advertise products and programs to school districts research is done to test
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