Research On Using Laptops At University

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Research on using laptops in university
ABSTRACT Computers and laptops are most important in higher education. Now a day’s most of the universities are preferring laptops for using in classrooms. Laptops are very useful in many things like information gathering, data saving…etc. When compared to desktop it is easy to carry and we can perform the task quickly by using the laptop.
Student attitudes toward learning Jones found that a majority of college students own computers and laptops. Students that used laptops preferred taking classes where they could use the computer. Student satisfaction is higher when report using the laptops for academic purposes. A number of studies have reported
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Fried also found that students who used laptops in class spent considerable time multitasking and that the level of laptop use was negatively related to overall course performance. Methodological There are at least four issues with respect to methods used to evaluate the use of laptops in higher education. First, the predominant method of data collection is the case study. While this approach offers guidance and advice on best practices for using laptops, the reliability and validity of the data have yet to be confirmed for the general population. Second, some studies have employed quasi-experimental methods to evaluate the impact of laptops on student achievement. These studies do not offer data on how laptops are actually used in higher education classrooms.
Third, a number of studies involve students who were not provided equal access to technology. Motiwalla’s paper on using handheld devices in class is innovative, yet it is not truly indicative of the benefits and drawbacks of mobile learning because many of the students in the sample did not have devices equipped with the technology essential to participate in the study. Finally, the majority of studies offered no reliability or validity estimates for the measures used to assess laptop behavior while the data from these studies offers useful suggestions regarding laptop use.
Research on using laptops in universities Scale Number Possible Internal of
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