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* Research Paper 1:

The first paper is due by Monday, April 9, 11:59 p.m. You MAY use sources outside of the Liberty Search Engine (and are encouraged to do so). Also you may use scholarly books and not just journal articles. You should avoid using generic websites that do not appear scholarly in nature. A good rule of thumb is that if a website does not have an author, it is not a good source. Good online material has also usually been published in print at some point. Google Scholar and JSTOR are great places to search, as well as the online encyclopedias I've shown you. Always feel free to send me an email if you have questions about sources or formatting.

You are to write a 5-page research paper (12 point, double spaced, Time
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Kate Turabian's citation style (see her book, A Manual for Writers) is made up of in- text numbers which correspond to a number at the bottom of the page (footnotes). The required bibliographic information about the work you are quoting and/or taking ideas from is written next to the footnote number at the bottom of the page. Then, at the very end of the paper, the bibliography page summarizes all of the bibliographic information used throughout the entire paper. Turabian is the standard citation style for religion and history courses at most American colleges, including LUO.

LUO has provided a very helpful Turabian guide, including the proper way to record various types of sources. Pay attention specifically to the sections on Footnotes and Bibliography:

Example Paper:

For further assistance, an example Turabian paper can be found here:

For this course you will not need a table of contents page for your paper since it will only be 5 pages. I would highly recommend reviewing the example paper as it will help you see how the Turabian guide should be used in a "real world" situation

If you have any questions about formatting, please email me. What I'm looking for with the Turabian formatting is that you make a solid effort to follow the format and document your work consistently

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